Supported by EISA, SWHRDN Conducted a workshop,

Supported by EISA, SWHRDN Conducted A workshop on Advocacy campaign on inclusion and non-discrimination of minorities/women’s political participation and respect of the 30% quota for women in the forthcoming parliamentary elections in Somalia.

Barawe SWS, Somalia, August 7-8, 2021 – The South West Human Rights Defenders Network (SWRDN) officially launched the first of a series of trainings for local Residents in Barawe,

The training project, which is supported by the EISA, aims to equip the Society’s in Barawe District with new learning that enable them to collaboratively promote and advocate for the promotion and protection of women and minority clans’ rights in both public and political affairs for Equality /non-discrimination and representation in the political arena through Workshops and media Dissemination so on the  public know the level of political participation of minority clans and women in South West State.

The project intends to reach up-to 130 beneficiaries in different categories of Women ,clan leaders, Traditional  Elders, Religious leaders,PWDS the District authorities in Barawe SWS Somalia.

This trainings were served as the primarily intended to fast track the minorities’ and women’s political participation and awareness raising, Workshops and Community Dialogue and exerting pressure on public officials and politician.


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